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    Oracle ZFS Storage OS 8.7 Launch and Learn


    Original Broadcast: April 11, 2017

    Hey ZFS Storage Users and DBAs! Are you interested in new ways of saving storage space when doing backups with de-duplication? How about replicating data from one ZFS Storage to another without interruptions? Or new ways of identifying noisy Oracle Database neighbors with the new Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol? What about meeting mission critical OLTP low latency workload requirements with Flash? 

    If any of these questions caught your attention, please join this webcast to learn all about the newly released OS 8.7! This session will be an overview of the most important features being released in this OS. 

    Featured Speaker: 

    • Nancy Hart, Director, Oracle-on-Oracle and Application Integration for Storage

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    IOUG Webcasts On-Demand

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