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    Squeezing the Max out of Oracle 12c Disaster Recovery


    Original Broadcast: June 12, 2017

    Oracle 12c introduced new Disaster Recovery capabilities such as Active Data Guard Far Sync, a SYNC/ASYNC cascading feature that uses a lightweight intermediary node (Far Sync). The talk will describe our experience tuning Far Sync for maximum performance and minimal resource requirements. We will provide detailed description of how configuration parameters influence the behavior of the system, from a memory, CPU and I/O perspective, while maximizing database performance (e.g., Log Write bandwidth) and minimizing latency impact on the Primary system. Finally, we will describe how Axxana’s Phoenix technology optimizes Oracle’s Far Sync solution to provide true Zero Data Loss with optimal performance.

    Attend this webinar to learn:

    • How to avoid pitfalls in Far Sync configuration 
    • Performance characteristics of the Far Sync solution to allow it to run in systems with minimal resources (CPU, memory, I/O) 
    • How to achieve true Zero Data Loss at any distance with minimal impact of performance 

    Featured Speakers:

    • Alain Azagury, Vice President of R&D, Axxana
    • Yossi Nixon, Chief DBA, Axxana

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    IOUG Webcasts On-Demand

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